About Miss Chaos

funny-pictures-come-to-the-dark-side-says-bald-catGreetings and welcome to the blog of the infamous Agent Chaos aka Colleen Chaos. These posts are my opinions, which are 100% honest and my own. If you don’t like what I have to say. Oh well! That’s your right. I have no problem with constructive criticism. Childish name calling and threats will not be tolerated.

Yes I am an Atheist! But there is more to me then just being a godless heathen. I’m a vegetarian that loves animals, sci-fi, horror, heavy metal, and punk rock. I adore my family and friends and the life I live. I’m not here to push my ideas upon others. I just blog to express my opinions on many topics. I will post on subjects from religion, politics, to Michael Jackson.

Thank you for visiting. Love your life and have a great day. Peace, Colleen Chaos



One comment on “About Miss Chaos

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