Islam – The religion of sexism and violence‏

jihad kittyWomen in Islam are treated so horrible. It’s beyond me how any man can treat their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, and grandmothers with so little respect. Wtf?! These women gave birth to them, their fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, uncles, and grandfathers. Without women, these sexists pieces of shit would be nothing.

Rape is not rare to Muslim females. Sadly most do not speak up for themselves or go to the authorities in fear of their lives. If a women cries out to anyone, she is put to death. Wow! That’s is sick! The family pet is treated better then these poor ladies.

Honor killings, when a man’s fragile ego is crushed either by his daughter just talking to an American soldier or the fact his wife has been raped. The man takes the law (as in the Koran) into his own hands. By either beating or stoning her to death. Acts of violence and sexism is why myself and others think religion poisons everything.


2 comments on “Islam – The religion of sexism and violence‏

  1. Not that I’m a fan of any religion, but let’s not pretend that sexism and murder and rape of women only happen in cultures dominated by Islam. Islam is no more of a sexist violent religion than Christianity. Why isn’t the killing of a young woman by her father for ‘being a slut’ considered an honor killing when the father is not Muslim? Many religions encourage the notion that the bodies of women, children, and other disliked groups are property and these people do not have rights to be treated as people, but this idealogy is a widespread form of sexism that exists even independently of religious groups. Atheists can be sexist violent a-holes too.

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