We are a bunch of judgmental fuckers, aren’t we!‏

128820126797666510You can sit there with your holier then thou attitude and say you aren’t prejudice. But I say bullshit! There has been a time in everyone lives in which a person judges another based on race, gender, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, or mood. Like there’s been times I’ve been told “Oh, I thought you worship the devil!” just because I have black hair and dress in all black.

I’m not at all a saint. I am neither racist or homophobic. But I have misjudged someone based on the bad mood they were in that day or strange appearance. I know it’s not right. I do everything I can to have a more open mind about others. I have became friends with those whom I prejudged to find out they’re really awesome.

So before you stand back and think so and so is a bitch. You may want to get to know the facts about that individual or even get to know them. That person may not be a asshole, dick, freak, reject, slut, as you were going to peg them to be.

Dear Theists, We Atheists are not those without conseince or morals. We are caring and loving creatures too.


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