The Great Double Standard

lolcatThere are many double standards in this world. A man can sleep with 6,000 woman. He is considered a stud and praised. A woman does such a thing and she is harassed and called a tramp, slut, among a variety of insults. If a man stands up for himself and speaks his mind. He is cheered for. But if a woman has a complaint, oh noes the psycho is on the rag! There are many double standards based on sex and gender. This was once a world ran by white men. Lucky for non whites/women, it is no longer just that. But this post isn’t about that. It’s about religious double standards.

Most that read this will think the subject is not that big of deal and don’t really give a crap. But that is incorrect and a sad way to think. No matter if you’re Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, it should be something you care about. This affects us all. For there to be a more peaceful world. We need to stop placing double standards on our brothers and sisters.

Many religious people want those of other faiths to respect their beliefs. Which in my honest opinion is a reasonable request. One can question the religion and discuss it in a civilized manner. Demonizing or insulting the individuals themselves and attacking them mentally or physically is uncalled for. I have experienced this harassment myself. Online and in everyday life.

A few years ago I followed the Pagan path. I wore an Ankh and a Pentagram. Not a day would go by that I wasn’t questioned, stared at, or harassed for my jewelry. Most of the name calling was done by ignorant Christians that had no clue about Paganism. Individuals that assumed if it’s not the way of Jesus, I must worshipped the devil. Little do the followers with that type of mind set know. Paganism has nothing to do with Satan, Lucifer, or whatever the “evil one” is called. That evil deity is strictly a Christian belief. Back then it pissed me off when I was told I bow down to a little red guy with horns and a tail carrying a pitchfork. Now that I have admitted I’m an Atheist. I find such nonsense funny.

What really grids my gears is when Christians expect the world to accommodate to the way they think. Example, in the 1950’s “In God We Trust” was added to currency and “One nation under God” to the pledge. When those of other faiths or non believers speak up most of these individuals resort to demonizing or name calling of those standing up for themselves. I and others have been called evil for having a different opinion. A lady who calls herself  “LovelyAngel” online and I were having a debate about the Bible. I showed her respect and posted with class the whole time of the discussion. Did she show me the same respect? Nope, she called me childish names like “Demon slut” and “Satan’s whore”.

In short, Theists if you ever expect others to respect you and your faith. You must also be willing to open your minds and respect their views. Don’t burn the heathens, freethinkers, and infidels at the stake and cry that you’re being oppressed when we scream.


2 comments on “The Great Double Standard

  1. This is part of the reason why the Us is in the current situation that we are in. We have allowed the right wing to push thier religious agend in the US & try to force that upon the world.

    • So True! I think I’m going to do some research and find out which is the least religious country and move there.

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